The election for the IUPS Council serving from 2017-2021 will be held at the General Assembly (GA) meeting in Rio de Janeiro on August 1, 2017. Information on the nominees can be found at http://iups.org/election/nominees/

IUPS Election Procedure

  1. Each General Assembly delegate will receive one numbered ballot, listing the nominees for IUPS Council.
  2. Each office will offer three choices: the nominee, "None , or "Abstain".
  3. If a delegate makes a mistake, or wishes to change their vote, they may signal the IUPS Manager for a new ballot. The old ballot will be immediately destroyed. Delegates may request no more than two ballots. 
  4. During voting, two ballot numbers will be drawn publicly via random number generator.
  5. The owners of those named ballots will be designated as the official ballot counters, supervised by the IUPS Manager.
  6. The ballot counters will collect all ballots. Once the ballots have been collected, the IUPS Manager will give the GA two minutes to indicate their vote had not been collected.
  7. The official vote tally will be signed by both counters and the IUPS Manager, and all votes preserved.
  8. A nominee is elected to Council if he or she receives a majority (>50%) vote.

Run-off Procedure

  1. Nominees may make a one minute statement to the GA, either live or pre-recorded.
  2. After the nominees’ statements, the GA votes as above.