IUPS 2024 Beacon Meeting

Rhythmic activity and its disorders in muscle and brain

October 25-28th 2024, Tutzing , Germany

Beacon venue and accommodation

The  venue

The  venue offers a cloistered atmosphere for the meeting. An old castle forms the heart which is completed with modern or well renovated older buildings. Wild vine and ivy cling to the yellow facades of the castle,  coats of arms, old wrought-iron windows, weathered baptismal fonts  and fountains remind us of past owners of the castle. Today’s appearance of the buildings dates back to early 19th  century.
Its unique location on the shores of Lake Starnberg and the vast grounds with their population of century-old trees turn the castle park, laid out in the style of an English landscape garden, into an unrivalled natural monument.

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The venue offers a limited amount of single rooms, shared double rooms and double rooms single occupancy. They will be  booked on first come first serve basis. The rooms are available from early afternoon on the first day of the meeting

The room rates (per person and night) are as follows:

single room                                            94 €

shared double                                        74 €

double room single occupancy               116 €

Booking (via the button below) is a binding agreement. For cancellation fees, see  terms and conditions below


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Terms and conditions for booking accommodation

Payments (cash or credit /debit card) for the rooms shall be made upon checkout  at the reception desk

Cancellation Policy
For all cancellations received until 30 September 2024, a cancellation fee of 50% of the full room rate applies. After this date,  the demand for full payment of the room rate remains. Any cancellations must be communicated directly communicated to the  venue via email tagen@schloss-tutzing.de


Please note: Insert your forename (Vorname) and  family name (Nachname), phone  number, email and postal address as requested.  Under "Firma" please insert "IUPS beacon 2024".  Write your booking request  under "Ihre Nachricht".  Rooms are  only available during the  time of the meeting