ALACF: Solidarity with Ukrainian and Russian Scientists

In view of the horrible war in the Ukraine, the Latin American Association of Physiological sciences, a regional member society of IUPS recently expressed its intention to offer help to Ukrainian and Russian physiologists to develop their studies in Latin America through research stays. In the current situation not an easy task to be realized, but an important sign of solidarity!

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The Latin American Association of Physiological Sciences (ALACF), a member of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS), expresses its solidarity with Ukrainian and Russian scientists in the face of the horrible and challenging situation that affects them in the war.
Likely, science from Ukrainian and Russian physiologists independently or as members of the Ukrainian Physiological Society and Pavlov Russian Physiological Society will be affected to the detriment of the development of this discipline and the opportunities for new generations of physiologists and doctors.
From ALACF, we wish to tell you that we are aware of our colleagues’ difficulties to face. For this reason, we want to offer our help to researchers and students searching for opportunities to develop their studies in Latin America through research stays wherever possible.
ALACF is an organization made up of 11 Latin American physiology societies whose purpose is to promote and project the study of physiology in the region and internationally. Physiological Minireviews (PMR) is the official journal of ALACF. PMR is a journal open to all scientists who wish to publish their advances; therefore, it expresses its intention not to be subject to restrictions to receive articles from the Russian or other scientific community under plurality and in recognition of the development of physiological sciences.
With this statement, ALACF expresses a heartfelt embrace of solidarity and hope to the scientific community of Ukraine and Russia.
ALACF Council