IUPS AWARD Lectures 2022: (1) The President’s Lecture

The programme of our virtual congress 2022 (organized together with the Chinese Association of Physiological Sciences) has many highlights. Among them are the seven named IUPS lectures. The speaker of the president’s lecture is nominated by the president of IUPS to acknowledge the work of an outstanding physiologist by IUPS. This year, Julie Chan, the president of IUPS has invited Professor Natalja Trajanova, (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, U.S. to give the lecture. Using a personalized simulation and machine learning approaches, Dr. Trayanova has developed new methods for predicting risk of cardiac arrest and improving the accuracy of atrial and ventricular catheter ablation therapies. This is an excellent example for the application of modelling in Physiology as underpinned in the Physiome project of IUPS.

In her congress abstract, Prof. Trajanova states: …”we have developed personalized imaging-based heart “digital twins”, which digitally replicate the patient’s heart electrical function. We also use machine learning approaches to incorporate additional clinical data in the applications of the heart digital twin technology”… … “The heart digital twins are models based on patient’s heart scans and clinical data, and are used to simulate the individual patient’s irregular heart rhythm — a major cause of patient morbidity and mortality” …. …”We also use the personalized heart digital technology to develop precise treatment for patients suffering from arrhythmias”…..

We are looking forward to this lecture!

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