IUPS launches new website to promote the “Year of Physiology”

Physiology is indeed an enormously fascinating discipline among the natural sciences. Many physiological societies around the world promote physiology by organizing scientific meetings and publishing journals and by many other activities. From May 2022 until the end of next year (in the “Year of Physiology”) a series of international physiology meetings on all continents makes it easy to attend one of them “next door” and to enjoy cutting-edge physiology.

The new web page, provided by IUPS, is designed to provide information related to the “Year of Physiology” (YOP). YOP is the site to find  information on major physiological meetings with an  international character in one place. We expect it to become a resource both for physiologists at all career stages and those curious about physiological science and careers.

YOP is international, just as physiological research is.  All the meetings we feature in our long “year” welcome new  attendees to our physiological meetings. 

If you are a curious professional or trainee of clinical disciplines, data scientist, biostatistician, and environmental and conservation scientist with physiological interests, come and get the bigger research picture and see how your work could gain more impact with  physiological insights.