The Council is composed of twenty individuals elected by the General Assembly. Five of the twenty individuals shall be the current officers of the Union. Eleven shall be the chairpersons of Commissions and Committees. Four shall be representatives of geographic regions, as defined by the Board of the General Assembly. The council is the legal representative of the Union and acts as its administrative body between meetings of the General Assembly. Semi-annually, Council meets with the Executive Committee by teleconference. More details on Council can be found in article V of the Constitution & Bylaws

The members of council 2022-2025

Bennet, Laura (New Zealand)

Regional Representative Asia/Oceania

Boron, Walter (USA)

Publications Committee

Carroll, Robert (USA)

Education Committee

Chan, Ying Shing (Hongkong)

Commission IV - Neurobiology

Chun, Yang-Sook (South Korea)

Commission VIII—Genomics and Biodiversity

Csernoch, László (Hungary)

Commission I - Locomotion

Essop, M. Faadiel (South Africa)

Regional Representative Africa

Filaretova, Ludmila (Russia)

Commission III - Endocrine, Reproduction & Development

Fuller, Andrea (South Africa)

Commission VII - Comparative: Evolution, Adaptation and Environment

Leftheriotis, Georges (France)

Regional Representative Europe

Okamura, Yasushi (Japan)

Commission VI - Molecular and Cellular

Sobrevia, Luis (Chile)

Regional Representative North/South America

Thomsen, Morten (Denmark)

Commission II - Circulation and Respiration

Yu, Linda Chia-Hui (Taiwan)

Commission V - Secretion and absorption