The Education Committee of IUPS

  • Physiologists must continuously adapt to new curriculum changes and teaching modalities and strive to strengthen physiology in medical curricula. The IUPS Education Committee plans and organizes an international workshop at every IUPS congress and, between the IUPS Congresses, smaller workshops around the globe to address regional teaching needs. Financially supported by IUPS and sponsors the workshops enhance the knowledge and skills of faculty who teach physiology. Workshop participants are prepared to be educational leaders. More details on the activities of the educational committee can be found under activities.

The education committee is chaired by Robert Caroll (USA) and co-chaired by Maria Jose Alves de la Rocha (Brazil)

A full list of members of the education committee

Ying-Shing Chan, Osamu Matsuo, Frank Motsiminiyi, Amal Saeed, Usha Singhal, Mai-Ling Tsai

Subcommittee for Africa: Yasser El-Wazir, Frank Mojiminiyi, Adesina Paul, Amal Saeed

Subcommittee for Asia: Kusal Das, Osamu Matsuo, Arif Siddiqui, Mei-Ling Tsai

Subcommittee for Australia/NZ/Oceania: A.C.D. Macknight, Adrianta Surjadhana

Subcommittee for Europe: Christina Karatzaferi, Lisa Peltonen, Rudolf Schubert, Feisal Subhan

Subcommittee for North America: Barb Goodman, Malcolm Gordon, Jon Kibble, Marsha Matyas, Dee Silverhorn

Subcommittee for South America: Mauricio Giuliodori, Beatriz Ramirez