IUPS 2024 Beacon Meeting

Rhythmic activity and its disorders in muscle and brain

October 25-28th 2024, Tutzing , Germany

'' It’s all about rhythm: get a fresh view on basic signalling processes guided by the beacon lit of expert speakers highlighting evolution of rhythmicity in different organs

'' All participants will be outside their scientific comfort zones for several sessions and encouraged to take a new way of looking at their research questions.

Topics will include, circadian rhythms, pacemaking in cardiac and smooth muscles, rhythmicity in blood vessels, control of rhythmicity in breathing, spontaneous neuronal activity, mechanosensory and other ion channels, rhythmicity and diseases - cancer, arrhythmias, epilepsy.

Confirmed Speakers: Bruce Bean (USA), Veronica Egger (Germany), Russell Foster (UK),  Mark Nelson (USA) tbc, Jeanne Nerbonne (USA), Matteo Mangoni (France), Jochen Roeper(Germany), Bina Santoro (USA), Gary Sieck (USA) Karin Sipido (Belgium),   Frank Winkler (Germany)