Our Activities

The goal of the IUPS is to raise a voice for physiology worldwide and to highlight its importance for medicine and public well being. IUPS is connecting physiologists, developing communication strategies, and providing information. It is disseminating novel approaches for modern physiologic teaching and championing the role of physiologists in big data and modelling.

IUPS enables physiologists from all disciplines and countries to come together at its International Congress held every four years. In between quadrennial meetings, IUPS works to support and enrich physiology, holds regional meetings and workshops (including educational ones), and provides mentors.

Year of Physiology

Major physiological societies, regional federations, and IUPS are justifiably proud of their meetings. All have an international element, and all have suffered during the pandemic. IUPS proposes that we can all achieve more for our meetings, without any loss of autonomy, by branding our 2022-2023 meetings as part of The Year of Physiology.

This initiative aims for raising the international profile of physiology as a modern biomedical discipline and attracting more members of the medical professions and sister disciplines to our meetings and society membership, as well attracting early career scientists into physiology

Mentoring Program

IUPS supports local, as well as global, collaboration in promoting biomedical, integrative, and translational research in physiological sciences with capacity building and strives to inspire the next generation of physiologists across the world.


The Physiome Project of IUPS aims to develop modelling frameworks to improve understanding physiological functions of complex systems. This will be achieved by combining organ function data with cellular data. For example, electromechanical models of the heart need to be combined with models of ion channels, myofilament mechanics, and signal transduction pathways at the subcellular level in a hierarchical manner. This is achieved by collecting and incorporating results from many different group of researchers willing to contribute to this goal and to follow common standards regarding experimental designs and data collection. IUPS aims to facilitate communication between research groups.

Teaching Workshops

IUPS sponsors national and regional teaching workshops that enhance the knowledge and skills of physiology faculty. These workshops are either part of a conference program or are stand-alone. An international workshop is held every 4 years as a satellite to the IUPS Congress. Workshops are of a one to three day duration.

Scientific Meetings

Scientific meetings are more than a way to exchange leading edge, often not yet published, scientific results. They offer the opportunity of in-person meetings of scientists which allow the spontaneous exchange of ideas and network building. Meetings are vital for postdocs to meet established scientists. IUPS supports these meetings not only by organizing its own quadrennial meeting, the IUPS Congress, but also by supporting symposia and offering travel awards to other major international meetings.