How we reach out

We are convinced that physiology is a discipline with enormous importance within life sciences and for public health. As a global organization we strive to provide a platform for communication between physiologists as well as between physiologists and the public

A achieve this goal we are providing you with news, statements, journals, recommendations, and guidelines.

In order to coordinate our activities on media and to develop strategies, the IUPS ExCo has installed an ad hoc publications task force under the leadership of Walter Boron, a former editor of Physiological Reviews and of Physiology.


IUPS strives to improve communication among physiologists worldwide. Here, IUPS informing about news on IUPS and national societies which may be of interest for physiologists world wide and for the public interested in life sciences.


IUPS broadcasts statements supporting careful scientific conduct, freedom of science, and an open world and diversity.

Our Journals

IUPS is fostering actual information on physiological research and modelling by co-publishing two journals.


IUPS provides you with recommendations and guidelines on methods, future challenges, novel data standards, and other issues which are consensus among physiological organizations worldwide or have been issued by major societies.