IUPS Academy: call for proposal of new fellows

The IUPS Academy was launched in 2021 to celebrate and publicise the important contributions made by physiologists to science and health. Here we call for proposals of candidates for fellowship 2024. The deadline for applications is 15th February 2024

The IUPS Academy will represent the diversity and excellence of worldwide physiology. Our mission is to advance physiological research and teaching, and its translation into benefits for health and society. With only 30 Fellows elected each year, fellowship is an honour. The criteria are that the
successful candidates will have made exceptional contributions to physiological sciences, in
the form of significant original discovery, sustained contributions to scholarship, or in other
ways will have rendered a conspicuous service to physiology internationally.

Nomination Procedure
Candidates must be proposed and seconded, and further information provided on the
attached application which you can download here.

Details on the nomination procedure

Nomination Procedure
Candidates must be proposed and seconded, and the following information provided on the
attached application form:

  1. A cover sheet with
    The name, institutional address, email address, job title and field of the candidate. The
    name, email address and signature of the proposer and seconder.
    The proposer is responsible for submitting the completed application. The proposer must
    have the consent of their candidate.
  2. A 500-word citation outlining the case for election, heeding the criteria, and referring to
    the candidate’s ‘10 Key Papers’ document and ‘CV’.
  3. List of 10 key publications with PubMed links.
  4. Full list of peer reviewed publications.
  5. Brief CV, no more than 3 sides, Arial font, size 12. Candidates should prioritise the
    information they provide to indicate how they meet the Fellowship criteria.

Proposers should send their nominations via email to Laura Davies (laura.davies@iups.org)
with the subject, ‘Fellow Nomination for IUPS Academy’, followed by the name of the
candidate. Please ensure you have a personalised (non-automated) acknowledgement in
receipt of your emailed proposal to Laura

All nominations will be judged by the IUPS Fellowship task force, based on the criteria outlined
above, they will also pay attention to geographical balance. This group is composed of:
Professor Susan Wray (Chair, UK), President of IUPS
Professor Ulrich Pohl (Germany), Secretary General of IUPS
Professor Rose-Anna Banal (Philippines), IUPS Board of General Assembly
Professor Faadiel Essop (S. Africa), IUPS Council
Prof. Dr. Haluk Keleştimur (Turkey), FIUPS
Professor Alicia Mattiazzi (Argentina), FIUPS
The task force will make its recommendation to the IUPS Executive Committee, which will
make the final decision and ratify the list of successful fellows.

Frequently asked questions
• Can candidates self-nominate? No. They need to be proposed and seconded. Candidates
are free to approach potential proposers.
• Is anybody ineligible for nominations? Yes. Current IUPS Council and Board of General
Assembly (BGA) members, and their families, are ineligible.
• Who can be a proposer? Anyone can be a proposer, they do not have to be associated
with a national society.
• Can societies propose candidates? Acting as individuals, any society officer can propose
candidates, but nominations should not be from, or in the name of, national societies.
• Can a proposer submit multiple proposals? Yes – but this is not encouraged.
• Who submits the paperwork? The proposer should submit the paperwork.
• What is the deadline? 15th February 2024.
• Who do I send the completed paperwork to? Laura Davies at laura.davies@iups.org.
• When will successful candidates be informed? April 2024.
• When will the 2024 Fellows be announced? Summer 2024.
• Will unsuccessful be informed. No.
• Can unsuccessful candidates reapply? Names of unsuccessful candidates will be carried
forward for four more election rounds, so there is no need to reapply. A proposer, at the
request of a candidate, may wish to update their paperwork, but this is not essential.
After five unsuccessful election rounds the candidacy will lapse, and fellows cannot be
nominated for five years.
• Who do I contact if I have a query? Please contact either Ms Laura Davies,
laura.davies@iups.org or Professor Susan Wray (IUPS President), s.wray@liverpool.ac.uk.
• Can retired people be nominated? Yes. Retired people can be nominated.