What must be said

IUPS stands for a clear profile, supporting careful scientific conduct, freedom of science, an open world, and diversity. Therefore, IUPS is publishing its own statements and those of member societies which support our values.

IUPS Stands Against Racism

IUPS condemns systemic racism, discrimination, injustice, and violence. The mission of the IUPS is to “foster the study of physiology worldwide.” We are committed to eliminate inequality in access to resources, research, and development of Physiologists worldwide regardless of color, sex, gender, socioeconomic background or geographical location.

We must reflect, educate ourselves, and fight for institutional change to ensure all individuals are granted respect, opportunities, and resources to strengthen our scientific pursuit. Our educational workshops in the developing world and travel grants to early career physiologists are some of the actions reflecting our commitment. IUPS is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, empathy and respect in all endeavors to advance scientific achievement and excellence.