Bringing mentors and mentees together

The IUPS mentoring program drives home three strategic priorities:

  • Enhance local and global collaboration in promoting biomedical, integrative, and translational research in physiological sciences
  • Recognize excellence in research in physiological sciences
  • Inspire the next generation of physiologists across the world

Mentors and Mentees

A Mentor

  • Provides active guidance and support in the research direction of the mentee
  • Helps the Mentee set priorities, goals, and timelines for research projects
  • Supports the Mentee in identifying potential collaborations and networking opportunities
  • Enthusiastically shares required skills, knowledge, expertise, and time
  • Facilitates initiatives to strengthen the discipline of physiology in a global manner

A Mentee

  • Seeks from the Mentor learning support for ideation of research projects bearing strong rationale
  • Acquires necessary knowledge base for research tools & techniques and for data driven analysis tools
  • Learn as how to create a “story” based on novel research findings through active interaction and collaboration 

Initial steps

  • Building of a group of peers willing to share their time and expertise towards grooming and giving shape to the Mentees’ thoughts and ideas on project building, identifying targeted goals and technical feasibility to conduct project
  • Potential Mentees submit ideas (Title, Aims & Objectives, Rationale and Preliminary Work Plan, in not more than 1000 words) to this group. Check if mentor can be assigned.
  • On-line meetings with an assigned Mentor based on project draft followed by an in person meeting at a preselected global congress (travel support by IUPS).