Scientific Meetings

Scientific meetings are more than a way to exchange the most recent, often not yet published, scientific results. Especially in times of COVID-19 and the cancellation of many meetings, we realize that online presentation of data cannot easily replace in person meetings of scientists. These meetings allow spontaneous exchange of ideas, the preparation of international consortia, and network building. Direct contacts made at these meetings often turn out to be important for postdocs and their mentors interested in starting a research study in a lab abroad. It is also an opportunity for young postdocs to meet and to talk to their research heroes. IUPS achieves this not only by organizing its own quadrennial meeting (next one in Beijing, 2022) but also by supporting symposia and giving travel awards to major international meetings. In addition, IUPS is preferentially partnering with regional meetings which help to build regional networks and organization clusters. Applications of individual scientists and organizations for support are welcome and should be sent to the IUPS Manager.

IUPS Congress

“Physiologists can well take pride in their series of 37 (now 38) international congresses stretching over a 124-year (now 128) period from 1889 to 2013 (now including 2017). These were all organized by a self-perpetuating or continuing group of university professors of physiology from many different countries around the world.  All of the congresses were in different cities with the single exception of Brussels…”WALLACE O. FENN, Secretary of the International Union of Physiologicol Sciences, 1959-1965

The IUPS Congress is at the heart of IUPS activities. IUPS not only strives to reflect novel developments in all sub-disciplines of physiology and to present physiology as a modern science with global importance. We also consider it important to bring scientists from all parts of the world together. The multinational membership of the respective program committee allows aims to present the best scientists on a truly international scale. It is also of high importance for IUPS that these meetings meetings are not always held in one particular country but comes to different regions in the world. This does not only facilitate attendance of physiologists who not always can afford long distance congress journeys but helps also to highlight the contributions of physiologists working in one region to global physiology.

The next congress (May 7-11) will be in 2022 in Beijing . Due to Covid, it will be a completely virtual meeting organized by CAPS and IUPS

Please find further details about the meeting in a YouTube video containing invitations issued by the presidents of IUPS (Prof. Julie Chan) and CAPS (Prof. Yun Wang).

The IUPS congress offers with many outstanding lectures and symposia, providing an excellent insight into frontiers of modern physiology ( It also is THE opportunity to share the latest results of your research results to the global community of physiologists!

The new deadline for abstract submission is February 28th, 2022. However, there are good reasons to submit immediately and not to wait any longer: submitted abstracts will be vetted on a continuous basis and the many virtual travel awards provided by IUPS and covering the expenses of online participation will be assigned on a first come first serve basis

For the meeting in 2029, national organizations or regional groups may wish to submit bids to the Executive Committee no later than January 2022.