IUPS represents more than 60 member organizations worldwide

The IUPS is an organization that represents the discipline of physiology on the global level. Its members are organizations, and their relationships with IUPS fall into one of the following five categories (1-5):

The official organization representing the physiological scientists of a country or territory is called an “Adhering Body“ (1) which can comprise several “Supporting Societies“ (2). Adhering Bodies support the work of IUPS by paying annual dues. Adhering Bodies and their supporting national societies have voting delegates at the General Assembly. Organizations that represent physiologists in countries or territories where economy or physiological science is not sufficiently developed to afford membership dues are termed “Associate Members“ (3). No dues are required. They may send an observer without vote to the meetings of the General Assembly.

IUPS has also Regional Members (4) which are federations or association of national societies of physiological scientists from a continent or other geographical entity as well as some special members (5) which are research and development institutions and laboratories, industrial organizations, production units, and any other bodies or individuals interested in the aims of the Union. Societies representing a branch of science that overlaps with physiology can be affiliated.

In order to be become a member, an organization needs to apply by submitting certain documents and being approved by the General Assembly. Click here for more information.

Below please find the list of members. There are links to their webpages. If you can’t get contact or sufficient information, please contact the IUPS Manager.

Adhering Bodies (when not identical with national physiological societies)

  • National Physiological Societies (acting either as adhering bodies or as supporting societies) (sorted by English name)

International Society for Pathophysiology

International Regulatory Peptide Society

Virtual Physiological Human Institute

An Affiliated Society is an international scientific society representing a branch of science that overlaps with physiology. It may send an observer without vote to the meetings of the General Assembly.