IUPS Luncheon Seminar at FAOPS 2023

IUPS, which represents more than 60 physiological societies worldwide. The dialogue with physiological societies and physiologists is an important task for IUPS. AT the recent FAOPS 2023 congress in Daegu, Korea, IUPS organized a Luncheon Seminar .

More than 50 physiologists joined the IUPS luncheon seminar , including young physiologists, some IUPS Council members, IUPS Academy Fellows, and representatives of IUPS member Physiological Societies. The preisdent of IUPS, Prof. Susan Wray and IUPS vice president Yoshihiro Kubo explained the mission of IUPS. They introduced strategic IUPS activities including new Prizes of IUPS, (1) Julie Chan Prize for mentoring activities and (2) Early Faculty Prize for contributions to research, teaching and service to disciplines, to call for the application next year. They also We also promoted “IUPS Social Media Award at FAOPS2023 Congress” to encourage submission. The deadline of application is Nov 25, 2023.

Our sincere thanks to the organisers of the FAOPS2023 congress for providing IUPS with this valuable opportunity. IUPS wishes to continue to contribute to the global promotion of physiology, in cooperation with FAOPS