In 2021, the IUPS will be launching the IUPS Academy of Physiology.

The Academy will represent the diversity and excellence of worldwide physiology.
As an international non-political organization, IUPS is the only body that represents the entire community of physiological researchers, teachers, and students.

Our mission is to advance physiological research and teaching and its translation into benefits for health and society. To achieve our mission, we are forming an Academy.

Vision for the Academy

Our vision for the Academy is that it will be a resource for physiologists. In addition, it will be a source of information and contacts for journalists, funders, charities, politicians, allied health professionals or members of the public.

In consultation with the Fellows of The Academy, the IUPS Council will authorize statements for politicians and the press. Statement topics might include animal research, the significance of physiology, and, the reproducibility and integrity of biomedical data, and its importance to drug development and clinical trials.

The Academy will be a natural home for consensus papers on good practice in physiological research.

Honorary fellows and fellows

The Academy will be composed of IUPS Honorary Fellows (Hon FIUPS) and Fellows (FIUPS).

Our highest honour will be that of Honorary Fellow.  This will be to those physiologists who have been awarded worldwide recognition and acclaim, such a recipients of the Noble Prize in Physiology or Medicine. It is expected that 2-6 such Hon FIUPS will be awarded each year by IUPS ExCo.

The IUPS academy will also consist of annually elected Fellows (FIUPS). These will signify physiologists and allied professionals, who have made exceptional contributions to physiological sciences. This can be in the form of significant original discovery, sustained excellent contributions to scholarship, or (exceptionally) those who in other ways have rendered a conspicuous service to physiology.

Going forward, we will have an annual call for proposals for elected Fellows. Membership will be limited to 30 FIUPS each year.

IUPS welcome the support our FIUPS can bring.

These FIUPS and Hon FIUPS)  will help shape development of the IUPS Academy. Their advice on the best strategy and approaches for us to deliver on this vision for the benefit of the international physiological community is key to the Academy’s success.

The expertise and talents of our Academy Fellows can help IUPS, by consulting on specific IUPS activities and projects.