Major physiological societies, regional federations, and IUPS are justifiably proud of their meetings. All have an international element, and all have suffered during the pandemic. IUPS is convinced that we can all achieve more for our meetings, without any loss of autonomy, by branding our 2022-2023 meetings as part of The Year of Physiology. This would also serve as a vehicle for physiologists to promote our subject to media and allied disciplines including clinical ones. IUPS has launched a new website which serves as a source of information on events in the year of physiology, on physiological societies and their journals as well as on recent publications. Don’ t hesitate to visit!

The “years’ “ meetings in focus are:

Each society, IUPS and federations already mutually supports each other’s meetings via newsletters, announcements and often by supporting members to attend the meetings and sponsoring of symposia. YoP allows us to have all the information in one place. IUPS however considers that, with engagement from our key meeting partners, we can achieve much more, namely an international rallying call, talking point and recruitment opportunity for physiologists. YoP aims for reaching out internationally for new potential attendees of physiological meetings; specifically professionals and trainees of clinical disciplines, data scientists, biostatisticians, and environmental and conservation scientists with physiological interests. YoP will also draw attention to physiology  journals and help coordinate “appetizers” from recent publications in physiological journals and calls for papers that link to the YoP meetings.

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