The IUPS Commissions

IUPS has established eight scientific commissions which cover major fields of research. The commissions play an important role in generating the scientific program of the IUPS Congresses, organizing IUPS symposia at other scientific meetings, as well as preparing consensus papers and guidelines on matters related to their field of expertise. The IUPS Council can suggest further tasks for the commissions.

The 8 commissions ( C-I – C-VIII ) are as follows:

  • C-I Locomotion
  • C-II Circulation & Respiration
  • C-III Endocrine, Reproduction & Development
  • C-IV Neurobiology
  • C-V Secretion & Absorption
  • C-VI Molecular & Cellular Physiology
  • C-VII Comparative Physiology: Evolution, Adaptation & Environment
  • C-VIII Genomics & Biodiversity
C-I Locomotion

The Locomotion Commission is chaired by Heiki Kainulainen (Finland). Commission sections include Muscle, Exercise & Work, Motor Control, and Biomechanics. The Sections are chaired by Amira Klip (Canada), Philip J. Atherton (UK), and Andrew Cresswell (Australia).

Heikki Kainulainen

Commission I members: Philip J. Atherton (UK), Andrew Cresswell (Australia), Satoshi Fujita (Japan), and Amira Klip (Canada).

C- II Circulation & Respiration

The Circulation & Respiration commission is chaired by Alicia Mattiazzi (Argentina). Commission sections include: Cardiovascular, Microcirculation, Respiration, and Young Investigators. The sections are chaired by Alejandro Aiello (Argentina), Gerald A. Meininger (USA), Thiago S. Moreira (Brazil), and Verónica de Giusti (Argentina).

Alicia Mattiazzi

Commission II members: Christian Aalkjaer (Denmark), Alejandro Aiello (Argentina), Tracy L Baker (USA), Maria José Campagnole-Santos (Brazil), Cor De Wit (Germany), Lea Delbridge (Australia), Mauricio Henriquez (Chile), Satoshi Matsuoka (Japan), Gerald Meininger (USA), Thiago S. Moreira (Brazil), Consuelo Morgado-Valle (Mexico), Elizabeth Murphy (USA), Hiroshi Onimaru (Japan), Suthiluk Patumraj (Thailand), Grant Pierce (Canada), Jia Qu (China), Luis Sobrevía (Chile), Martín Vila-Petroff (Argentina), and Huang Yu (China).

The members of the Young Investigator Group are Francisco Alvarado-Guillén (USA), Verónica de Giusti (Argentia), Luis Gonano (Argentina), Manuela Lavorato (USA), Alejandro Orlowsky (USA), and Yael Yaviv (Israel)

C- III Endocrine, Reproduction & Development

The Endocrine, Reproduction, & Development Commission is chaired by Ludmila Filaretova (Russia). Commission sections include: Reproduction, Reproduction and Endocrinology, Neuroendocrinology, Development and
Endcrinology, Reproduction and Development, and Development. The sections are chaired by: Sandy Davidge (USA), Ron Magness (USA), Dave Grattan (New Zealand), Michael Symonds (UK), Abigail L Fowden (UK), and Janna Morrison (Australia).

Ludmila Filaretova

Commission III members: Sandy Davidge (Canada), Abigail Fowden (UK), Dave Grattan (New Zealand), Ronald R. Magness (USA), Janna Morrison (Australia), Michael Symonds (UK).

C- IV Neurobiology

The Neurobiology Commission is chaired by Katsuhiko Mikoshiba (Japan). Commission sections include: Motivation & Emotion, Computational Neuroscience, Development & Degeneration, Plasticity, Memory & Learning, Somatosensory & Pain, and Autonomic Physiology. The sections are chaired by Joseph LeDoux (USA), Henry Markram (Switzerland), Gabriella D’Arcangelo (USA). Graham Collingridge (UK), Walter Zieglgänsberger (Germany), and Janet Keast (Australia).

Katsuhiko Mikoshiba

Commission IV members: Cliff Abraham (New Zealand), Ruud Buijs (Mexico), Graham Collingridge (UK), Gabriella D’Arcangelo (USA), Alastair Ferguson (Canada), Josef LeDoux (USA), Janet Keast (Australia), Denise Manahan-Vaughan (Germany), Henry Markram (Switzerland), Gary Mawe (USA), Klaus Unsicker (Germany), Yu Tian Wang (Canada), and Walter Zieglgänsberger (Germany).

C-V Secretion & Absorption

The Secretion & Absorption Commission is chaired by Rene Bindels (Netherlands).

Rene Bindels

Commission V members: Eric Delpire (USA), Nina Himmerkus (Germany), Kenichi Ishibashi (Japan), Makoto Kuro-O (Japan), Jens Leipziger (Denmark), Marcelo Morales (Brazil), Fiona Mcdonald (New Zealand), Shmuel Muallem (USA), Philip Poronnik (Australia), and Stephanie Thebault (Mexico).

C- VI Molecular & Cellular Physiology

The Molecular & Cellular Physiology Commission is chaired by Yoshihiro Kubo (Japan). Commission sections include: “Membrane Proteins, Membranes, Trafficking”, “Organelles, Endocytosis/Exocytosis”, “Signal Transduction”, “Structure Biology & Physiology”, and “Others (cell death, cell differentiation, stem cells, iPS cell, transcription, translation, autophagy)” The sections are chaired by Yasushi Okamura (Japan), Ruth Murrell-Lagnado (UK), Eitan Reuveny (Israel), Jian Yang (USA) and Yoshihiro Kubo (Japan).

Yoshihiro Kubo

Commission VI members: Derek Bowie (Canada), Silvia Carolina Guatimosim Fonseca (Brazil), Fredrik Elinder (Sweden), Florian Lesage (France), Birgit Liss (Germany), José Lopez-Barneo (Spain), Satoshi Matsuoka (Japan), Ruth Murrell-Lagnado (UK), Reinhold Penner (USA), Eitan Reuveny (Israel), Yasushi Okamura (Japan), Insuk So (South Korea). Laura Swan (UK), Jamie Vandenberg (Australia), Jian Yang (USA), Zhuan Zhou (China), and Shujia Zhu (China).

C- VII Comparative Physiology: Evolution, Adaptation &

The Comparative Physiology Commission is chaired by Tobias Wang (Denmark). Commission sections include: Ecological & Evolutionary, Thermal, Gravitational, Environment, and Undersea. The sections are chaired by Peter Frappell (Australia), Kazuyuki Kanosue (Japan), Peter Norsk (Denmark), Yvon Le Maho (France), and Terrie Williams (USA).

Tobias Wang

Commission VII members: Patrick Butler (UK), Michel B. Ducharme (Canada), Mike Fedak (UK), Peter Frappell (Australia), Charles Fuller (USA), David Goldstein (USA), Martina Heer (Germany), Michal Horowitz (Israel), Millie Hughes-Fulford (USA), Eugene Ilyin (Russia), Alex Ip (Singapore), Satoshi Iwase (Japan), Kazuyuki Kanosue (Japan), Tamara Kozyreva (Russia), Yvon Le Maho (France), Barry Lovegrove (South Africa), Igor Mekjavic (Slovenia), Peter Norsk (Denmark), Berry Pinshow (Israel), Paul Ponganis (USA), Andrej A. Romanovsky (USA), Daniel I. Sessler (USA), and Terrie Williams (USA).

C- VIII Genomics & Biodiversity

The Genomics & Biodiversity Commission is chaired by Yang-Sook Chun (South Korea). Commission sections include: Epigenetics & Transcriptomics, Biodiversity & Conservation, and Genomics & Informatics.

Yang-Sook Chun

Commission VIII members: Alan R.Hargens (USA), L. Eric Huang (USA), Kevin Mitchell (Ireland), Sandra Orgeig (Australia), Sungyeon Park (South Korea), Stephen Simpson (Australia), and Masatoshi Watanabe (Japan).